Yogi Bhajan - Abuse in 3HO and Kundalini Yoga

Abuse in Yogi Bhajan's 3HO Kundalini Yoga World

Bhajan Yoga is NOT Kundalini Yoga


Scientific Research

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Can you separate the Teacher from the Teachings?


Manju Sadarangani about Yogi Bhajan's Teachings

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About Manju Sadarangani

Manju Sadarangani was born and raised in India, surrounded by yoga. Her yoga teacher mother insisted on an upbringing informed by yoga and traditional medicine.

In her teen years, her deeply spiritual brilliant father joined a Hindu cult, resulting in upheaval resulting in her immigration to the United States with her mother and brother.

Manju found yoga in the US to be deeply puzzling. She would try yoga studios and styles of yoga in an effort to feel the spiritual solace of her childhood yoga practice, but felt extremely excluded at American yoga studios.

Through most of her adult life, she avoided yoga, and practiced it only when she visited the country of her birth.

In 2019, serendipity led her to a kundalini yoga class. She was intrigued by this unfamiliar style of yoga which she found absurd and amusing, but was soothed by the elements of Surat Shabd that she recognized in kundalini yoga practice. She enjoyed the element of play and creativity in her kundalini meditations, but found herself often flummoxed by the pastiche mantras and practices.

She was offended by some practices (like excerpts of Japji inserted into kriyas) - but when she asked questions of kundalini teachers, they were not able to give her answers that felt logical or grounded in any yoga discipline.

Her teachers encouraged her to take teacher training with KRI, telling her that was where she would get answers. Manju was understandably reluctant, especially after she read the book Premka.

In 2020, she was approached by representatives of KRI, who recommended a brand-new global teacher training program.

This new TT was advertised as trauma-informed, inclusive, egalitarian - a symbol of the new direction KRI and 3HO were embracing. Manju applied to this new teacher training global cohort. She was one of only three Americans, all women of color.

It turned out to be one of the most traumatic and racist experiences of her life.

How to deal with

misrepresentations of

Indian culture ?


Bhajan's yoga was designed to manipulate and hurt people.


Karma and the lack of consciousness related to the abuse.


Bhajan's teachings

on sexuality - where do they come from?


Mantras as taught by Bhajan ... issues ...


Can we talk about

the Turban?


The 'new' 2020 Teacher

Training manual

is not that new


KRI teacher training in 2020-2021.


How Indian people looked at the 3HO kids in the boarding schools.


Issues with the teaching of History in Manju's KRI training


Yogi Bhajan was cherry picking out of Sikhism according to his needs.



'The emperor had

no clothes.'


LI students 2020-2021

watching a YB lecture.

Who is this weirdo?


Flaws in

Yogi Bhajan's



Muslim students have questions about mantra's.

Guru equal Gu + Ru?


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