Yogi Bhajan - Abuse in 3HO and Kundalini Yoga

Abuse in Yogi Bhajan's 3HO Kundalini Yoga World

Yogi Bhajan:

You know Tej, in this organization,

everybody loves me so much.

If anybody talks out against me, I don't know what they would do. And so many of them have guns.

Dead body found in a trunk.

The 3HO member who was killed, knew it was going to happen. He said to friends:

These guys are going to kill me.

A few days later he was found dead.

He had mismanaged a drug deal set up by 3HO leaders.

A newspaper reported about it in Sep 1986

Eugene (AP) – The body of a man was found in the trunk of a rental car at Mahlon Sweet Airport late Saturday afternoon, touching off a homicide investigation that continued Sunday. ...

Meeri overheard Yogi Bhajan saying:

 If you fuck with me I have the connections

to have your dead body floating down a river.

Kate Felt's Law-suit of 1986 mentions the fear that Kate experienced during all those years ...

63. As a consequence of the injury suffered by the plaintiff, the plaintiffs feared that Bhajan could and would inflict grievous physical harm upon or kill the plaintiff and members of her family through direct physical assault and through the use of magical or mystical powers, if she spoke out against Bhajan or revealed what he had done to her. This belief was the product of mental delusion intentionally induced in the plaintiff by the defendants while she was in the defendants cult, reinforced by actual assaults and threats of assault which occurred while the plaintiff was in the cult, similar threats of assault after the plaintiff left, and other forms of harassment which the defendants perpetrated against the plaintiff after she left the cult (as more fully described in Counts II, III and IV, below).

And then follow some articles which indicate that in the period from 1980 till mid 1985 ... the plaintiff lived under the constant threat, fear and reasonable apprehension of physical injury or death ...

  • if she left the 3H0 organization or failed or refused to obey the directives and commands of Bhajan, or maintained any outside relationships that were not specifically approved by Bhajan.
  • if she resisted sexual assaults from YB
  • if she revealed her experiences to anyone.

80. From the fall of 1978, and continuing until March 4, 1985, the defendants held the plaintiff in a state of involuntary captivity through a combination of mental coercion, false promises, threats of damnation and unspeakable spiritual torment which defendants knew to be false, and threats of public humiliation, grievous physical injury or death to the plaintiff and her family if she attempted to leave the physical confines of the defendants various compounds where Bhajan directed she live. Any one of the foregoing threats was, by itself, sufficient to constrain the plaintiff.

She was constantly watched. Every move was reported. She was held under armed guard. And called upon by YB during the night.  The guarding was relaxed a bit since mid 1984 and finally …

87. On March 4, 1985, the plaintiff was able to evade the defendants guards stationed outside of her home at the Espanola, New Mexico ashram, and fled the cult to her parents home in the State of Montana, still fearful for her life and safety, and of spiritual damnation and torment.