Yogi Bhajan - Abuse in 3HO and Kundalini Yoga

Abuse in Yogi Bhajan's 3HO Kundalini Yoga World

Listen to second gen in their full sharing of their lived experiences.

Dharam Khalsa Lietz was born and raised in 3HO in 1986.

Dharam hopes that

listening to his story

will enourage other people

to bring out theirs.

Link to FULL interview.

Michelle Melito was born in the 3HO community in 1982.

YB made her feel special and that contrasted with the humiliations, abuse, and harassment she was used to. When she listened to Philip Deslippe and heard all the stories early 2020 she was devestated.

GuruNam Atwal was born in the 3HO community in 1989.

Extracts from her interview can be found on the pages:

Link to Shame shame shame.

Link to Survivors about healing.

Link to FULL interview.

HarGobind was born

and raised in 3HO in 1988.

Confusion in his life started when Yogi Bhajan gave him the same name as his brother who was 3 years older

At 7 he hears his brother is being physically abused by a staff member in school in India. But still he loves to go.

At the age of 8 he goes...

The sadness ...

Memory of being peed upon and not talking about it.

About our failure as a community to understand mental health.

GuruNishan's story

as she interviews herself.

Thanks to her initiative so many stories have been told in a way they are ready to be heard by everyone.

Link to her story.

Link to FULL interview.

Dev Dharam Khalsa was born into 3HO community in 1992.

He talks about

the importance of apologies.

Gnosis Rena Mercado was born

and raised in 3HO in 1988.

She choose her current name to honor her family roots.

Link to FULL interview.

Nirinjan was born in the 3HO community in 1988.

In Sacred Matters May 9, 2021

she writes about


Link to FULL interview.

Siriji Lamenz was born in the 3HO community in 1976.

Most of her family on her mom's side are all in 3HO. Grandma, 3 aunts, and lots of cousins. She has 2 older sisters who also were born and raised in 3ho and “swapped”, sent to India etc.

Link to FULL interview.