Yogi Bhajan - Abuse in 3HO and Kundalini Yoga

Abuse in Yogi Bhajan's 3HO Kundalini Yoga World

Stand up Avtar.

Let me tear you apart.

Yogi Bhajan

He said this to a woman who returned from hospital after a miscarriage.

It happened in 1983 at Khalsa  Women's camp

Someone who witnessed this, said in 2020:

As a woman and a sister

we all should have stood up for her.

Nobody stood up for her because

we would all be in his trance, she said.

2020 - Tara Brach

(Avtar was her spiritual name)

talked about her experience

of being shouted at by Yogi Bhajan

in a lecture on the topic:

'Trusting who we are'

Yogi Bhajan decided it all:

who you were allowed to

love, marry, divorce, have sex with, ...

George Craig McMillian - Kirantana Khalsa (†2023)

On Dec 31, 2020, George Craig, former bodyguard of YB and his wife, talked about how YB kept on separating him from the women he loved.

His beloved Kirn Jot was raped by YB

and he forced her to have sex with other women.

More on Kirn Jot's story you can read HERE.

The FULL interview you find HERE.

Mani Niall explains how a Tantric partner, whom he did not know, became his wife.

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