Yogi Bhajan - Abuse in 3HO and Kundalini Yoga

Abuse in Yogi Bhajan's 3HO Kundalini Yoga World

Born and Raised in 3HO


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 Sikh Dharma-3HO announcement 1984 to all ashrams about the Education Programs in India.

School picture

Excerpt from the Sikh Dharma Foreign Education Bulletin, November 28 1986

School India

Dr. Alexandra Stein's report on

3HO Childhood Experiences

In 1982 TODDLERS (ages 1 to 3) were sent away to a six week long parentless summer camp located in a remote high desert in northern New Mexico ...

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Toddlers at children's camp

Read the comments of those who had to live this ...

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'There was no method to the madness'

Siri Nirongkar Singh Khalsa

In 1995 Yogi Bhajan send Siri Nirongkar to India

with 100 kids. He had to run the school.

Siri was 25 years old.

He had no training, no resources, no support.

If I wronged you,

reach out to me.

April 9, 1991
Yogi Bhajan addressing the Khalsa Council about the schools in India.

"Some people are accusing me and I am for the school program in India, honorable members I am not against that program, I am not for that program. 
I like one thing in that program- it is sending our children to a living hell and making them to survive so no hell will be hell for them ever.


I tell you today I never send children in India except for three things. I knew their mathematics will be fine and their spelling and grammar will never be wrong. I didn't send them for science and computers and I also found out they will be in a living hell and they will built their personal unity and grit that they shall always survive anywhere in the worst circumstances.

I gave them the distance of twelve-thousand miles so distance should never bother them. I gave them the capacity to become international without much expenses. You do not understand and value what we have given to our children. When you keep your children here you will learn it in the hard way and you will pay for it and I will be sorry for it. 


India school gave us nothing but it united our children like a rock. There was no facility, there was no water, it was damn cold, food was not tasty. Do you think I do not know? Am I that blind? Who told you that? But what India gave us we can't create it here. 
Where we will get the opportunity to send a child twelve-thousand mile away from us and I have nothing else but send them prayers."


Issues with quality & quantity of food for children.

From a Children's point of View                        From Bhajan's medical doctors point of View (1982)

Excerpt from the report of Dr. Alexandra Stein on 3HO childhood experiences, related to food:

... I was for months massively malnourished borderline, starving for months on end

...I'd go to the garden, and I'd eat rose petals, drink water just to make myself feel full

... Food was disgusting and contained bugs, worms, cigarette butts and other foreign objects.

... dietary restrictions as suggested by Bhajan ... eating only wheatberry-based dishes one day a week

... Even when school staff presented Bhajan with modest requests for increases in the food budget this was ignored or turned down.


July 1984 - Sikh Dharma letter

Announcement Education Program in India Beginning March 1985

1986 Letter from the School Program Director

about issues & action plans

1989 Newsletter School Program

including Yogi Bhajan's Food instructions:

"ONE Meal a Day Boiled Black Grams with vegetables

accompanied by Milk."