September 2023

July 2023

The Siri Singh Sahib Corporation

electing a new board in July 2023.

Link to candidate interviews

5 Pro-Bhajanists - 5 for Hope & Change - 3 Independents.

Results published Aug 1, 2023 - LINK


814 voters out of 954 eligible voters brought out 5496 votes. The 3 independent candidates did the best job: places 1,2 & 4. Then the deniers and the least votes for those in favor of reparation and healing. None of this last group will go directly into the board.

The Liability of the Board to the liability of the sexual assault cases.

Extract from The Bad Buddhist Podcast

episode March 25, 2022 with Lawyer Carol Merchasin

The Bad Buddhist Podcast: minute 22 - 25.


July 17, 2023

How and Why

LINK to full Interview

On June 11, 2023,

petition launched by

100 second-generation adults

They request a trauma-informed,

just and heartfelt approach of the nearly

600 claims introduced in the

Independent Healing and Reparation Program.

Let's Support them !



On June 16, 2023,

the starting date

of the 2023 summer solstice event,

the president of the SSSC,

(the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation overseeing all yogic, Sikh Dharma and profit organizations,)

Sahaj Singh Khalsa,

born and raised in 3HO,

resigned from the board

and as a Sikh Dharma Minister.


Listen to GuruNischan's Uncomfortable Conversation Podcast

reflecting on the petition and on Sahaj Singh's resignation.

June 2023

And ...

Vice made 10 min version of their April 2022 docu True Believers: Empire of Yoga

April 2023

Harvard Divinity School Conference

"Uses and Abuses of Power in Alternative Spiritualities"

April 26-29, 2023.


New York Times

6 Podcasts About Cults and Their

Enduring Sinister Attraction.

March 20, 2023


An Interesting Association to connect to for those involved in Spiritual Activities

Association for Spiritual Integrity

Transforming the paradigm of spiritual leadership.


Febraury 2023

One of Bhajan's accomplices in fraudulent affairs, ex-Toner bandit and ex-prisoner Harijiwan, won a Grammy award with White Sun in the "new age, ambient or chant" category for the second time.

"Glitter in Eyes, Ears and Minds"

Esoteric Atlanta Brice Watson interviews

Gursant Singh: Whistleblower & Survivor of Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini Yoga Cult

A Report by

Cult Expert Dr. Alexandra Stein

on 3HO Childhood Experiences

written to support claims of

second-generation adults in the IHRP process,

confirms 3HO was/is a cult.

The report was released in October 2022,

but was kept out of public view while the claim period for the IHRP was still open, but is available now.

(IHRP - Independent Healing and Reparations Program - more info see News August 2022)

It may take a few seconds before the report

- here to the right -

is loaded on your screen.

January 2023

On Dec 15, 2022 Suzanne Jordan, survivor of Yogi Bhajan's abuse and moderator of the private Facebook group 'Beyond the Cage' terminated her affiliation to the CRC as a representative of the advisory team the Voices of the Exploited. The CRC is the Compassionate Reconciliation Process that was set up by the SSSC.

Suzanne's letter to her CRC colleagues and to the team of Just Outcomes*, explains the different reasons why she felt she can no longer invest in a process that is not effective in delivering what it was initially and supposedly set-up for, but appears to serve other needs that are counterproductive to what she believes should happen.

*Catherine, Aaron & Matthew whom Suzanne mentions in her greeting, are the owners of Just Outcomes, the Canadian firm hired by SSSC to guide the Compassionate Reconciliation Process that is aimed to be based on the principles of Restorative Justice.

Els Coenen, caretaker of this website, also withdrew from my participation in one of the nine advisory teams of the CRC process, the Guerilla Peacemakers for reasons very similar to those expressed by Suzanne.

December 2022

November 2022

An inspiring testimony of someone who stepped out of Tibetan Buddhism 3 years ago after she found out about abuse by her spiritual teacher ...

How letting go of dogma and choosing for reality and truth brings freedom.

Life is the path we are stuck with ...

And that's just wonderful.

August 2022

Juridical Support for people

who registered to the IHRP reparations program

(Click on this link and scroll down the page to find the 3HO case)

Link to  the IHRP

Independent Healing and Reparation Program

If you have been harmed by Yogi Bhajan or any leader in the community, or at any of the schools in India you can file a claim for financial reparations.

This program was triggered by 2nd Gens working with JLC (see above)

and was launched by the SSSC in May 2022

Registration period was from June 9 till Aug 19, 2022.

Late Registrations Link


WEBINAR (recording)

Commonly Asked Questions in

Sexual Abuse/Misconduct Claims

answered by Kim Dougherty

In the Episode 47 (aug 10, 2022) GuruNischan explains how some

2nd Gens  started to work with

Justice Law Collaborative

in September 2020.

! Their actions triggered the IHRP !

July 2022

April - May 2022

Rachel Bernstein IndoctriNation Podcast with Sat Pavan Kaur who's a 2nd Gen abused by Yogi Bhajan and one of the people speaking in the Vice documentary mentioned to the right.

  • Part 1 - May 4, 2022 - Link
  • Part 2 - May 12, 2022 - Link

VICE documentary

"True Believers" - episode

the Dark Empire

of Yogi Bhajan

Apr 12, 2022

Click here

to read the transcipt.

April 7, 2022

SSSC launched a statement on the EPS website:

Acknowledgment, Apology, and

Reparations Program Announcement

3HO published it on their site.

An extract:


We recognize that one of our greatest organizational shortcomings was that we did not listen to or acknowledge those who experienced harm from our leadership, in our schools, or in our communities over the years.  Too often, their voices were met with silence or disbelief.  We see the courage it took for individuals to come forward to shed light on these difficult issues, and we thank every person who was willing to share their experiences.  You have brought awareness to these important issues and the call for change, and we want you to know that we have heard you.  We acknowledge the pain and suffering you have shared with us, and we are committed to a compassionate and supportive response.

While we cannot claim to know the full extent of each person’s pain, we deeply regret all suffering in our community, including the abuse, neglect and other serious harms that have been shared by women, members of the next generation, and others.  To every person who suffered any wrong by any individual associated with our community over the last fifty years our community has existed, we offer our sincere and unequivocal apology.  We accept responsibility for our role as an organization in any situation where a person was hurt.  We also recognize that words of apology are only a beginning – these sentiments must be accompanied by action.

VICE info:

VICE shows are generally not available in countries where the channel does not air on TV.

The channel is currently available in the US, CA, France, Australia, New Zealand, Benelux and Israel.

(in the Dutch speaking part of Benelux it is not available anymore since August 2020)

Are the statements from SSSC and 3HO here to the left,

driven by the HEART? or by FEAR?

read the letter they send out below related to

the VICE documentary ?

February 2022

Feb 28, 2022

Support this initiative

presented by

Satshabad Khalsa

on the

Beyond the Cage FB group

to get people

in the SSSC leadership team who really care


healing the wounds

of the past.


Here is the link to connect


Meeting ID: 969 8908 8782

Passcode: 98765123

For people outside US:

use postal code

91210 (Beverly Hills)

to enter the petition.

Sign the petition

to request

Acknowledgment and


from the leaders

of these organisations

January 2022

PressHerald - Jan 9, 2022 - LINK

While the Compassionate Reconciliation process is progressing at an extremely slow pace, the leaders of the organizations have still not recognized the damage done. In their newsletters and on their websites (3HO, KRI, IKYTA) they do everything they can to keep the elephant in the room out of sight.

Some days ago Nam Kaur launched an email you can read in full-length via link below. Her call: In March 2022 we will finally have the opportunity to elect enough pro-Yogi Bhajan Board members to have the majority on the Board for the first time in years.

READ more about the battle for executive chair control in a blog post on 3HO Cult Info - LINK

November 2021

September 2021

Posted on Sep 24, 2021 in the Beyond the Cage Facebook group by Suzanne Jordan.

She gave permission to publish it here.

'Another complexity in the wake of YB's destruction is those who are squarely landed in both a victim & perpetrator role.

In the case of YB staff, learning on the Zoom call last Sunday that at least one 1st Gen woman had sex with YB in front of a second Gen woman (both in bed with him) to normalize the abuse has brought up a lot of anger for many.

1st Gen women shaving the 2nd Gen and teaching them how YB liked sex.

How do we hold for both?

Sure, the cult-indoctrination was the coercive dynamic at play, but then I think of what I consider to be a real moral lapse happening, the grooming of 2nd Gen women.

Should that "also-victim" be held accountable?

Additionally, this is why some staff members are silent.

Their participation is prosecutable. They could go to prison. We won't ever hear from them.

Does this all fall under the sway of their victimization?

When is accountability appropriate?

Many 2nd Gen (on and off the call) were outraged that some 1st Gen call themselves "victims",

because they were repeatedly abused by them.'